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home of the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature

It's Another Call Attentive.....

John Anderson

More and more it seems that Jon Anderson and Yes are making their mark upon this website, the reason is really quite simple, they have much to say to us about the state of the world, spiritually and ecologically, how it is and their vision of how it should be, particularly Jon, and this being so, we're using Jon's absolutely wonderful album, earthmotherearth as the focal point of this page on Sprituality and Ecology. Everyone has an opinion about the state of this, the homeworld, and our co-inhabitants, some see it as a resoucre to be ruthlessly exploited, others as their home being despoiled, there are fanatics on both sides of the arguement, here at The Dawning of The Day, we're going the route of moderation, fanaticism is no answer to anything, it merely extends the already bad situation, no matter what the area, in this case the environment. To go about effecting change, lasting change, so that we and our descendants may enjoy this world on which we live, to breathe clean air, to drink clean water. It begins with individual attitude and spreads. Help us to make those changes, to live in an everlasting peace with the world around us, an everlasting harmony between all that dwell upon this planet, we are stewards for the future, as they will be stewards for their future, but, it must begin here, for as Jon Anderson says, "Change We Must", or all will pass away, and that must never be......

Earth Mother Earth 1997

Time Has Come (4:35)

Harptree (2:12)

Take A Little Time Out (4:15)

Scraggle Cat And Puss Cat Willum (0:48)

Concerto Uno (5:35)

Harptree Too (1:54)

Concerto Due (7:08)

Harptree Tree(2:12)

That Crazy Wind (3:34)

Behind My Eyes (0:57)

Heaven Knows (Treehugging) (2:22)

Whalewatching (5:25)

Earthmotherearth (6:56)

Challenge and Promise
an essay written by
Donald K. Swearer
of Swarthmore College.
part of the Forum on
Religion and Ecology.
Well thought out, well written,
thought provoking.

Revisioning Earth-Human
the official launch of
The Forum is on
Sunday 7th March 2004
at 7pm
University of Toronto

This is a presentation made to
the Spirit and Nature Conference,
sponsored by the Rivers Council of
the state of Washington

English Nature is the
government agency that
champions the conservation
of wildlife and geology
throughout England.
and a damned fine job
they're doing too.
Keep up the
good work!

based at Harvard Univesity
they encourage all to participate
in the educational and informative

A call to all Pagans to
 make their voices heard.

Where Christian mysticism,
theology and metaphysics
meet Eastern religions,
Jungian psychology and
a new sense of the earth.

an ecumenical, voluntary,
tax-exempt organization.
It was established in 1986
to encourage the many strands
of Christian tradition in the work
of healing the damaged earth,
out of a common concern
and love for God's creation.

A pair of environmental essays
from the Witches' Voice

a really great overview
of the positions of various
religions on the care and
protection of the homeworld.
From someone named Holly,
who is also a fellow Tripoder
Thanks Holly!

founded 1892
explore, enjoy and
protect our planet

One Earth - One Chance

a celebration of
the tree and its off-spring.
our website based upon
the incredible album
by Judy Dunlop and

in Sunpass State Forest in
something and someplace very special

The name of this site is
taken from a poem by Dylan Thomas.
It is also the title of a collection
of environmental philosophy readings.
 The name is intended to suggest
dynamic organic growth
and the idea of combining ideas
to create something positive and new.

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