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Biblical History

Morning Has Broken
Now Be Thankful
Morning Music
The Dorset Cursus
A Single Star
Angels Embrace
Tales From Topographic Oceans
Stairway To Devon
The Path
Modern Reformation
Along The Pilgrim's Way
The Bells of Rhymney
The Passion of The Christ
Faith, Folk and Anarchy
Faith, Folk and Anarchy : The Album
Faith and The Folk
Spirituality and Ecology
Faith In Darkness
Four Wings and A Prayer
Biblical History
The Judas Gospel
Valley Hi

Bible History online

by Alfred Edersheim
was originally published 1876-1887
in seven volumes
This electronic version of his work is
from an edition that appeared in
1890 which contains all
seven volumes.

The first hand-written English
language Bible manuscripts
were produced in the late
1380's AD by John Wycliffe,
an Oxford professor, scholar,
and theologian

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