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Morning Music
Morning Has Broken
Now Be Thankful
Morning Music
The Dorset Cursus
A Single Star
Angels Embrace
Tales From Topographic Oceans
Stairway To Devon
The Path
Modern Reformation
Along The Pilgrim's Way
The Bells of Rhymney
The Passion of The Christ
Faith, Folk and Anarchy
Faith, Folk and Anarchy : The Album
Faith and The Folk
Spirituality and Ecology
Faith In Darkness
Four Wings and A Prayer
Biblical History
The Judas Gospel
Valley Hi

Grassroots Music

First Sound On The Land

Dawn Over Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Isle Northum.
photograph is Graeme Peacock

Music moves us in many ways, but we think that music moves us most on a very deep and spiritual level. That's what the musicians and associated links, on this page are all about. The songs and the tunes in another key of life, though when the circle of life is looked at closely, it is all the same. It is our hearts, our minds, our souls, it is what we are. It powers us on our respective roads towards whatever goals we set, and more importantly whatever goals The Sacred Presence has in store for us

The Time of Eternity. 2002
A recording produced by Mennonite Central Supportive Care Services. 2002

The Sound on The Wind and The Water

In Christ Alone. New Irish Hymns

the music you hear:
Christmas Angels
from the Clannad record
In A Lifetime:
the Best of Clannad

listen to THIS voice

her official website


New Irish Hymns #2: Father, Son & Holy Spirit

returning once more
and still that voice

as glorious as ever.

taking over from
Maire Brennan
and in wonderful style.
a truly amazing voice

Chris de Burgh

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Exceptional Bed & Breakfast
Lodging in Berwick-upon-Tweed,
Northumberland, UK

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